Large 5 wick Candle

Large 5 wick Candle

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NOTE: These are made to order and will take approximately 2 weeks to be shipped from order date. Times may vary.

Our large candles are a 5 wick, 1.5kg dream! They are the perfect way to warm up your house with a lovely scent! They have 5 large wooden wicks that crackle like a warm fireplace.  They make the perfect gift!

The scent is Pistachio Gelato (Our most Popular!) however can be customised, just get in contact with us and we can help!

Rich and comforting a sweet nutty toasty scent mixed with bold vanilla buttercream, this one is for the vanilla and caramel lovers!

They come in a large 23cm white bowl, perfect to fit in with any home decor.

Wax Weight: approx. 1.5kg
Soy + Coconut Wax Blend
5 Wooden wicks
Fragrances are Phthalates free

Eco friendly

Vegan friendly


Our proprietary blend of high performance candle wax, sourced from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils of soya bean and coconut.

100% Natural VEGETABLE Wax – Super Creamy & gmo free.

Do keep your wax in a cool spot! it is super soft when warm and can be a little messy!


If you are looking for a candle that smells amazing, this is it!! Superior Blend SoyaCoco wax has an outstanding scent throw. When the candle is unlit (cold throw) and when the candle is burning (hot throw).

Burns slower and cleaner than soy wax alone, which means you will have a longer lasting candle.

VEGAN - Made from a sustainable, easily renewable crops.

Ingredients: Pure Soy Wax, Pure Coconut Wax - No Additives.