Wax Melts

Wax Melts

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An awesome option instead of candles that fills a space fast! Available in every fragrance plus a few additional fragrances. 

Burn time for each cube is approximately six hours, made with coconut and soy wax blend.

Pistachio Gelato:  Pistachio / Vanilla / Caramel

Tonka: Tonka Bean / Rose Vanilla / Almond

Winter Smoke: Whiskey / Woodsmoke / Cedar

Green Leaves: Eucalyptus / Matcha / Almond Milk

Coco Lime: Coconut / Vanilla / Lime

Cereal Milk: Maple / Vanilla / Milk

Pink Milk: Strawberries / Vanilla / Milk

Magnolia: Magnolia / Green leaves

Gardenia: Gardenia / Green leaves

Petal: Mandarin Peel / Lily / Sheer Musk

Peppermint Twist: Peppermint / Vanilla / Sugar

Gingerbread: Ginger / Vanilla / Cookies

Pavlova: Kiwifruit / Sugar / Vanilla

At the Bach: White lily / Cashmere / Musk

Christmas Tree: Pine / Balsam / Bergamot

Vanilla Berry: Black Raspberry / Vanilla / Sugar

Clean Tea: Lychee / Black Tea / Yuzu

Peach: Golden Queen Peach

Watermelon Mojito: Watermelon / Mint 

Coconut Fig: Coconut Milk / Fig / Violet Leaf

Once the fragrance disappears (it will before the wax does), allow to go cold and then 'scoop' out with a knife and throw away.

Each packet comes with 6 melts approx 75grams.