Candle Care

To ensure optimum burning - we recommend following these guidelines:

Wooden wicks do well being smaller rather than larger. Always trim the burn wood off your wick before each burn to about 5mm to help create a clean burn and a controlled flame - nail scissors work perfectly fine for this.

Remove any debris from your candle.

Always allow the candle to melt all the way to the edges on the first burn. This will prevent ‘tunnelling’ and allow your candle to last longer.

If your flame is too big once lighting, blow it out, trim the wick and then relight it.

Keep away from drafts and always burn within sight out of reach from children or animals.

Don’t burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.

Don’t worry if your candle has a low burn. It will still give off scent and should correct itself over time.

Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid decolouration and softening of the wax.

Burn times are approximate and will depend on burning conditions (i.e. drafts).

If your candle burns unevenly, turn it to even up the burn or move to a different location… there’s a chance there’s a sneaky breeze that you don’t know about! Drafts increase the burn time, making your candle not last as long. You can also use a butter knife to redirect the wick if it’s favouring one side.

When your candle has finished you can wash out your glass with hot soapy water and reuse or recycle :)